Driving Directions to Lee College

Contest Venue

Lee College

200 Lee Drive

Baytown, TX 77520



Although there are other ways to get there, this is the simplest and less lights/traffic.


*  Exit North Main Street.   Take left under freeway.

*  Continue on  Main Street for 5.3 miles.

*  Turn right on Texas Avenue.   You will see the "old town"shops". 

*  After the trees and median, turn left on FELTON St.

*  Turn right into the parking lot on Felton.   McNulty-Haddick Complex, is next to the Performing Arts Center.

*   Directors enter the PAC through the door to the right of the main entrance.

    Follow the hallway. The contest office will be on your right.





ALL schools are requested to be on campus one hour before your warm-up time.  This saves my blood pressure!  Ha.  

There are times when unpredictable emergencies show up and we might have to move a choir up or down a time slot. 


Before entering the building, remind your choir to be quiet, as the performances may have already begun.  

Your choir will be escorted to the Black Box to leave their belongings.  This is the gathering place.  If you are going to watch the performances, please notify the monitor in charge of your group so they will know where you are.  


DIRECTORS...go to the contest office and deliver your music.  I need to talk to each of you to make sure that all instructions are clear and registration is complete. YOU MAY ALSO LEAVE THE BAG OF COLLECTED CELL PHONES IN THE CONTEST OFFICE.  IT IS SECURED!


CELL PHONES:  No electronics are allowed.  Cell phones must be collected from students to ensure the best performance for every choir.  We still had phones ringing this past week.  CHAPERONES & ADULTS...SILENCE your phones.  Directors are responsible for telling your adults on your trip!



We encourage our parents and administrators to attend this UIL event all the way through sightreading!! HOWEVER, please explain to them that this is not an event where we go by the time printed.  Send an email/letter out explaining that this is UIL and is not like a concert that has a specific beginning time.  We try but get off sometimes.  Sometimes sightreading can take around 25 minutes (only 20 minutes scheduled).  

1.  Arrive early, like the choir.

2.  If the door closes, they may not enter.  EVEN IF THEY ARE IN THE RESTROOM!  

3.  UIL does not wait for parents.  

4.  Should the contest run early, we have a choice to ask the next choir if they want to continue early or take a judges' break.  

5.  We will most likely run late than early. 


Directors...the lunch for the judges will be about one hour.  If we run late, they will still get their lunch time.


LUNCH:  Host, Sterling HS will provide bottle water for purchase, not food.

Many of you will leave for lunch.  Please know the route to and from and plan extra minutes to have your choir dressed and ready for their performance.  I will have you paged at the mall!  Ha!  



Directors must come to the contest office when you have completed your performances.  You will sign out and receive your ratings/critique sheets/music/trophy.  If you have more than one choir, you are welcome to ask for your critique sheets to view the comments and scores.  We will need them back until all of your choirs have performed.  


When announcing your results to your choir, do so where the other choirs performing cannot hear you.  We do not want screams in the middle of any choir's performance!